Legal Services

O'Reilly Jakan Law Offices is committed to guiding you through your legal matters with the foremost goal always being a satisfactory resolution to your case. We provide legal representation and guardian ad litem services to those in York, Cumberland, and Androscoggin counties. Please contact us for a consultation to better determine how O'Reilly Jakan Law Offices can serve you.

Guardian ad litem

O'Reilly Jakan Law Offices provides trained guardians who are able to offer recommendations to the parties and to the Court concerning primary residence, visitation and other aspects of parental rights and responsibilities through unbiased and diligent work with those involved in the lives of the children at issue.

Personal Representation

O'Reilly Jakan Law Offices is dedicated to providing personal, efficient, and confidential representation. No matter how big or small we ensure that all cases are treated equally. You will never be just another file with our firm; our attorneys are committed to providing each client with unparalleled service and personal representation.